Mommy 'N Me

Mommy 'N Me Classes in Woodstock, Georgia

Mommy ‘n Me is an interactive experience for parent/care giver and children ages 12 months to 3 years old. Mommy ‘n Me encompasses the exploration of body awareness, beginning strength, balance, movement skills and social interaction with others.

Georgia All-Stars Gymnastics Mommy 'N Me Schedule

Class Length

45 minutes

Class Ages

1-3 years old

Dates & Times


5:00PM-5:45PM – Mommy N Me (1-2 Years)


5:00PM-5:45PM – Mommy N Me (1-2 Years)


9:00AM-9:45AM – Mommy N Me (1-2 years)
9:50AM-10:35AM – Mommy N Me (1-2 years)
10:40AM-11:25AM – Mommy N Me (1-2 years)



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