Camps in Woodstock, Georgia

General camp information

Camp schedule

We run our camp schedule in tandem with the Cherokee Country school district so that our community residents of Woodstock and surrounding communities have proper coverage and fun environment for their children.

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Registration and Payment

All registration will need to be completed online at least one week in advance. There are 2 options available for full day camp and 1 option
for half day, please make sure you specifically register for your desired camp. Upon registration there will be a non-refundable deposit of 1/2 of the daily or weekly camp fee per participant. The remaining balance will be due Friday prior to the week of your registered camp date. If your child becomes ill for 2 consecutive days and is unable to attend his/her scheduled camp date(s), a credit will be issued to your account with a doctor’s note. No refund will be made for a camper who voluntarily withdraws or exercises the personal option of not attending a day’s activities.

Drop Off and Pick Up

Doors will open at 7:30am for drop-off. Upon arrival there will be a Daily Camp roll sheet, please sign in for each individual child and do not leave any box blank. Upon dismissal, you must sign your child out each day and include your pick-up time. It is required that all campers be picked up at their designated pick-up times. A fee of $5.00 for each 30-minute interval thereafter will be due upon pick-up.

What to Wear

A one-piece leotard for girls or comfortable shorts and a shirt for either boys or girls is appropriate attire for gymnastics camp. As outdoor water activities are scheduled daily, campers are required to bring a bathing suit and towel along with comfortable slip-on shoes. Hair longer than chin length needs to be pulled bag into a ponytail. Participants are to leave all valuables, jewelry and personal electronic devices at home. Georgia All-Star Gymnastics is not responsible for lost or damaged personal items.