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About Georgia All-Stars Gymnastics

We have been successfully training athletes since 1994! Our philosophy of teaching specific gymnastic progressions with our highly trained staff has proven to be a success. This allows the gymnast to progress to whatever level they desire. Our continuous goal is to develop every child’s self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-image. So come, join our team in a fun safe warm friendly environment.

Woodstock, Georgia's Most Trusted Gymnastics Facility!

Thank you for choosing Georgia All-Star Gymnastics. The adventure you and your child are about to embark on will be a very special one. Over the years we have had the pleasure of watching thousands of children learn, grow, develop, and mature into confident young adults who are ready to face the world. We look forward to the unique opportunities which working with your child will present. It is our goal to provide your child with a creative, fun experience in a safe, structured, and nurturing environment.

This undertaking will give your child a stage on which to develop confidence, poise, individuality, mental and physical discipline, determination, appreciation for dedicated effort, and self-respect. Your child will mature among individuals and circumstances that will demand the finest efforts and judgments. Opportunities will be made available which will compliment and enhance the experiences your child will have in our gym. Plus, it’s lots of fun!

Gymnastics is one of the greatest overall body conditioning activities for children. In a recent study, which tested several components of physical fitness (strength, flexibility, coordination, etc.) of a number of athletes in various sports, gymnasts were found to be the most physically fit. Some of the physical attributes that you will find developing in your gymnast will be strength, flexibility, kinesthetic awareness, muscular control, muscular endurance, coordination, timing, explosive power, agility, running speed, balance, and grace. Some of the mental attributes that we hope to develop are positive self-image, self-motivation, tenacity, patience, goal setting, courage, and enjoyment. We measure our success not by the number of trophies on the wall but rather by what each child can take with them. Georgia All-Star Gymnastics believes that children are the most precious gift. Our goal is to see to it that every child who participates in our program receives the same quality instruction regardless of his or her ability. Accomplishing this goal ensures that each child will feel as special as they truly are.

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